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TITLE Aminet CD 37 AUTHOR Urban D. Mueller ( CONTENTS Aminet CD 37 contains almost 1 gigabyte of freely distributable software. The newest archive included is from May 1st. This CD is completely filled with new material. The contents are (after decompression): 800M of software newer than Aminet CD 36 150 Utilities 100 Mods 100 Communications programs 100 Pictures/Anims 350 Files of other categories The commercial highlight the 3D shooter Zombie Massacre. PRICES The CD can be ordered from the following address: (credit cards OK) Germany: Stefan Ossowski (English spoken) Tel: +49-201-788778 Fax: +49-201-798447 Email: Price: DM 25 Prices exclude shipping. Subscriptions are available. A complete index is found in docs/lists/Aminet-CD-37.lha Aminet Set 1 to 9 are still available and form, together with CD 36 and up, an almost complete snapshot of Aminet.
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