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AMIGA NOSTALGIA This archive contains some files from way back in 1988, listing the software titles, hardware, books and magazines available in the early days of the Amiga, from Sept. 1985 through to January 1988. The files '' to 'a.four' are the original files I made using EasyScript on a Commodore 64, which could only handle one file of four A4 pages in length, due to its 48k memory. September 1985 to February 1987. a.two March to August 1987. a.three August to November 1987. a.four December 1987 to January 1988. The files ASoftware.* is a SuperBase database of the software only. Hardware.* is the hardware! Most of this stuff actually appeared, although a few things were announced but never materialized. Obviously all of the addresses given no longer apply. Enjoy! I will be putting this data on my website as well in a reprocessed format. John V. Keogh, London, 21 July 1998. Directory ------rwed 28220 31-May-88 19:06:24 a.four ------rwed 26171 29-May-88 21:57:02 ------rwed 28941 30-May-88 22:05:15 a.three ------rwed 26668 29-May-88 21:57:15 a.two ------rwed 37888 18-Sep-88 20:02:23 ASoftware.1 ------rwed 325 18-Sep-88 20:01:38 ASoftware.sbd ------rwed 127104 18-Sep-88 20:02:09 ASoftware.sbf ------rwed 139 18-Sep-88 20:01:35 ASPrint.sbq ------rwed 8704 11-Sep-88 02:37:35 Hardware.1 ------rwed 260 11-Sep-88 02:37:35 Hardware.sbd ------rwed 32832 11-Sep-88 02:37:42 Hardware.sbf ------rwed 1680 21-Jul-98 12:41:45 ReadMe ------rw-d 414 21-Jul-98 12:09:27 646 Blocks, 319,346 Bytes used in 13 files
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