short : Demo of V3.0 of the new backup software author : uploader : m korndoerfer nathan gun de type : disk/bakup architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 369.51K Date : 8-Aug-95 Download : 💾
Diavolo Backup V 3.0 is a new file backup software for the amiga. It offers many features which are listed below. IMPORTANT NOTE ============== This demo has been stripped of some WB files found in the regular demo release, mainly asl.library 38.x, locale.library 38.x and some helvetica fonts. The aminet regulations demand that WB material must not be uploaded into the aminet (we own the right to include these libraries on our disks, though). The xpk package is not a part of the package either, to avoid unneccessary redundancy. To run the demo successfully, you MUST have asl.library V38 or later. Check this with the command 'version asl.library'. If you don't have the correct helvetica fonts installed, Diavolo may not look like it is supposed to, especially in the scroll text. If you don't have the xpk compression library installed, Diavolo will not be able to create or read compressed or encoded backups. Restrictions of the Demo version ================================ Diavolo Backup is a commercial product. We have compiled this demo package to give you a first impression of its capabilities. And you can test if Diavolo Backup works with a specific configuration. The demo release is equivalent to Diavolo Backup Pro with the following restrictions: - It cannot restore backups. But they can be compared, which is almost the same procedure. If a backup does compare ok, it will also be restorable without any problem. - The API cannot be used to start backups. That means you cannot create automatic, time dependent backups. Features of Diavolo Backup 3.0 ============================== A short summary of the most important features of Diavolo Backup 3.0: (NEW: New in version 3.0) - Supported backup destinations: o HD- and DD-Disks (even mixed within one backup) o Files (even more than one, if the destination drive runs out of free space). o SCSI-Streamer o - NEW - Removable media (without having to use the filesystem) DIAVOLO PRO ONLY - You can create backups of o All Amiga-compatible filesystems (FFS, AFS...) o Hard- and softlinks o Assignments and multi-assignments o MultiUser-filesystems (incl. all IDs and protection flags) o - NEW - Image backups of any partition, even alien formated. With FFS partitions, there is the option to save only the used blocks. DIAVOLO PRO ONLY o - NEW - VLabMotion MovieShop projects DIAVOLO PRO ONLY o up to 3.8 GB per backup (which may consist of several partitions, images etc.) - User interface o - NEW - optionally using MagicWB-look o - NEW - Drag & Drop of WB icons o - NEW - File and directory selection using a foldable tree o - NEW - Filter to select files automatically o - NEW - Automatic backups at any given time (Scheduler) NUR DIAVOLO PRO o english and germany interface - Streamer support o Automatic adjustment to all known streamers o Many options o Uses specific features of DDS (DAT) streamers to locate backups and files faster. o Recoverable index of all backups on a tape. o High reliability even with damaged media (when possible). o Works with the C= A3070 Caliper streamer. - Miscellanous o - NEW - Documented application programming interface (API) to control Diavolo from other applications. DIAVOLO PRO ONLY Diavolo Backup 3.x Demo (C) 1995 COMPUTER CORNER - Micky Wenngatz
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