short : Ami-Back patch from version 2.0h to 2.0i. uploader : jacob gate net type : disk/bakup architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 99.11K Date : 27-Jan-95 Download : 💾
You must apply patches AmiBack20PatchC.lzh AmiBack20PatchE.lzh AmiBack20PatchF1.lzh AmiBack20PatchG.lzh AmiBack20PatchH.lzh before this one. This patch is freely distributable and comes directly from Intelligent Designs, Inc. Ami-Back Version 2.0i Revision Date: 28 Feb 1994 Copyright © 1994 Intelligent Designs, Inc. 5742 Old Cheney Hwy. Orlando, Florida 32807 voice: (407) 894-1031 fax: (407) 894-2384 The patch files are for use by REGISTERED owners of Ami-Back ONLY. This patch will bring Ami-Back from v2.0h to v2.0i. These patches will ONLY work on the English version of Ami-Back. Changes Made: o Recompiled with SAS/C 6.50 o Entering an empty directory in the file selection screen, then hitting the parent gadget could result in enforcer hits or a crash. o Long (>10 chars) AmigaDOS device names (not partiton names) would cause the backup/restore configuration screen to lock up. o The restore name filter was not working on directories, only files. It now works on directories. o TapeWorm-FS is automatically inhibited before Ami-Back starts to access the tape drive. o The recovery backup has been improved. It is now able to recover files off OFS disks, and will recover files from partitons that have moved. o Ami-Back no longer uses the SCSIF_AUTOSENSE flag in SCSI direct commands. We did this becuase some older controllers and some new controllers don't implement this correctly. o Editing restore filter entries was not working correctly.
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