short : ISO C compiler, M68k-AmigaOS Target author : Volker Barthelmann), Frank Wille uploader : frank phoenix owl de (Frank Wille) type : dev/c version : 0.9f replaces : dev/c/vbcc_target_m68k-amiga.* architecture : generic Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 497.05K Date : 10-Oct-18 Download : 💾
vbcc - portable ISO/ANSI C compiler (c) in 1995-2017 by Volker Barthelmann INTRODUCTION vbcc is a portable and retargetable ISO/ANSI C compiler. This archive contains the startup codes, C-libraries, amiga.lib replacements as well as all the standard and system specific header files for this target. All major parts of this distribution (including compiler, preprocessor, libraries etc.) have been built using this system. INSTALLATION Just execute the installer or extract the archive into your vbcc/targets directory. You may install as many targets as you need to support. LEGAL vbcc is copyright in 1995-2017 by Volker Barthelmann. This archive may be redistributed without modifications and used for non-commercial purposes. An exception for commercial usage is granted, provided that the target CPU is M68k and the target OS is AmigaOS. Resulting binaries may be distributed commercially without further licensing. In all other cases you need my written consent. This copyright applies to vc, vbcc and vsc. This archive may contain other tools (e.g. assemblers or linkers) which do not fall under this license. Please consult the corresponding documentation of these tools. Note that this distribution contains several programs, libraries etc. that are from different authors and are under different legal status. So always read the corresponding documentation to find out under what conditions a certain file may be used, distributed etc. BUGREPORTS/COMMENTS If you think vbcc generates bad code, throws enforcer hits, crashes, seems to be not ISO-compliant etc. and the problem is not mentioned anywhere in this docs as known problem, please send a mail with your system configuration, the vbcc version, the command line you used, the source that caused the problem and a brief description of the problem to and/or Also if you find problems with the includes, the libraries or you have suggestions, dislikes etc. send us a mail. Corrections, improvements etc. of the manuals are appreciated, too. Volker Barthelmann Frank Wille
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