short : making an AGA Slideshow with AMOS Pro author : PROMAX type : dev/amos architecture : generic Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 37.06K Date : 14-Jan-97 Download : 💾
Promax presents a AGA Slideshow called "HOT GIRLS" released 6'96. This Source is Public Domain and may freely be spread around the globe. Promax can NOT be held responsible for any damage caused to your system when executing the source. The demo is tested on diffrent configurations including A1200/030 and A1200/050. Hardware requirements: MC68020 (A1200 and above) AGA chipset. 2 Megs of Chipram. Software requirements: Visage - Picture Viewer (Aminet/gfx/show) tower.library (included in Visage) Setpatch (Workbench V3.0+) --------------------------------------------------------------------- Note : The Source is a example how to make a good slide in AMOS Pro using the AGA chipset without a AgA - Extension. Looking also for the demos of DOOM and SHADOWS "Spaceman" on the Aminet ! --------------------------------------------------------------------- The credits: Code: Promax GFX: Promax and unknown Dezign: Promax and Quest Titlemusic: Unknown --------------------------------------------------------------------- Greetings to: Chris Hodges Vanor Protonic and Citrone ----------------------------------------------------------------------
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