short : An upgrade to the Resource Bank Maker author : M&F Software Corporation ( type : dev/amos architecture : generic Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 16.91K Date : 27-May-94 Download : 💾
DESCRIPTION This program is a useful (I hope) upgrade to the original Resource Bank Maker. It adds many features that help the user. The main upgrade is the support of picture larger than the screen (provided you have enough chip memory). Other minor, but not less useful, features have been added: - You can slightly change the size & the position of the flashing box without having to redefine it again. This helps people (like me) who, during the development of a bank, change the picture very often, and so they have to continually change the flashing box even though the element they wanted to define only move by one pixel. It was quite frustrating to define 10 or more elements again. - The slider is updated faster and its scrolling is faster too. - Some minor bugs in the original version have been fixed. The Super Resource Bank Maker v2.2 it's freerly distributable if you respect the conditions included in the instructions and if you ALWAYS include the instructions with the program. Thanks to Paul Hickman you is helping me a lot. If you have problems just E-Mail to
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