short : AMOSPro Extension + Accessories author : (Paul Hickman) uploader : ph doc ic ac uk (Paul Hickman) type : dev/amos architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 214.08K Date : 31-Mar-95 Download : 💾
Long: Easylife V1.10 Distribution By Paul Hickman ( NOTE: This information is repeated in the file in the first part archive. Files You Need To Download: - Easylife110_P1.lha - Unpack to disk named "Easylife1:" for floppy use, or any temporary directory for harddisk installation. - Easylife110_P2.lha - Unpack to disk named "Easylife2:" for floppy use or a different temporary directory for harddisk installation. - Easylife110_P3.lha - Unpack to any temporary directory. You may should install parts 1 & 2 first. - MUI (Aminet /dev/gui/mui23usr.lha & /dev/gui/mui23dev.lha - 23 may be replaced with the latest version number) - XPK (Aminet /util/pack/xpk25usr.lha - 25 may be replaced with the latest version number) Extension Features: - MUI Interface Creation - XPK file I/O - Advanced String Handling & Searching - Screen Zone Enhancements - Taglist Support - Adds struct or RECORD types to AMOSPro Accessories: - AmosGuide - An amiga guide file viewer written in AMOS which runs on the AMOSPro editor screen, and replaces the help feature. Allows access to both AMOSPro & Extension commands when you press the Help key. (And not just this extension) - Variable Checker - Finds bugs in your program that the AMOS 'Test' feature doesn't. New verison runs faster, and allows you to fix one bug before displaying the next. Also picks up bad programming style. - Editor Enhancer - Improves the AMOSPro editors pathetic attempt at Search & Replace with something more useful, and which understands AMOS souce code, so you can just search code/strings/comments. Also adds 4 extra featues Enter AscII, Enter Scancode, Enter Filename & Unflip Bobs. - Zone Editor - Allows you to draw your screen zones. Version 3.0 is an update to use now new easylife functions. - Taglist editor - Not quite muibuilder for AMOS, but it allows you to precompile MUI taglists to a bank. - Structures Compiler - Allows you to define your struct/RECORD type variables as comments in your source code, then run this accessory to compile them into a bank for use. Other Features: - Complete Amigaguide Documentation for Easylife & AMOSPro itself - Replacement MagicWB style icons for AMOSPro - Tutorials on using structured variables - Useful AMOS Procedures - Assembler include files for advanced programming - Warped sense of humour in documentation
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