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******************************************************************** Note: You MUST have both "rexxreqtools.library" and "rexxmathlib.library" installed in order for the scripts to work. I recommend that you obtain the complete archives from aminet. "rexxreqtools.library" v37.71 copyright 1992-1994 Rafael D'Halleweyn "rexxmathlib.library" v38.01 copyright 1995 Thomas Richter Neither library may be used for commercial purposes without the express consent of the copyright holder. ******************************************************************** The archive tcalc_stats.lha should contain the following arexx files: anova_Oneway.rexx ANOVA_TwoWay.rexx ANOVA_TWOWAY_NO_REP.rexx Chi-Sq_2_Ind_Sam.rexx Correlation.rexx Covariance.rexx Descriptive_Stats.rexx Exponential_Smooth.rexx F_Ratio.rexx Histogram.rexx Moving_Average.rexx Rank&Percentile.rexx Regression.rexx T-test_Corr_Sample.rexx T-test_IndSamples.rexx T-test_IndSamples_UneqVar.rexx and one TurboCalc file: STATS_Macros.TCD and one help file: Stats_Help.txt Installation: Put the arexx files in the TurboCalc/Arexx drawer. Put the "STATS_Macros" and the "Stats_Help.txt" files anywhere you like. Operation: The Arexx macros can be started either from a Shell or from within TurboCalc. If started from a Shell, each file will check to see that TurboCalc is running and, if it is not, will start it and present the user with a "File/Open" requester. Load in the file you want to work on.** To start from within TurboCalc, open the spreadsheet you have the data on **, then open the "STATS_Macros" file. The macro sheet contains macros to start each of the Arexx files. Their names appear in the "Play..." macro requester. Make sure your data spreadsheet is active before choosing the Macro to play. ** This assumes you already have the data organised as required for the macro (see the included "Stats_Help.txt" file).
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