short : ignition addon for access ods-files author : A. Pankalla uploader : achim pankalla kabelmail de type : biz/spread version : 0.31 architecture : ppc-amigaos >= 4.1.0 distribution : Aminet kurz : ignition addon fuer ODS Dateien Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 202.56K Date : 23-Jun-18 Download : 💾
this is a addon for the ignition beta4 and newer spreadsheet program. with this tool it is possible to read and write files with the suffix ods. this files a created by openoffice-calc or libreoffice-calc and maybe other spreadsheets. please read the ReadmeFirst/LiesMichzuerst files in the main directory for further important informations. !!!this addon only works with 4.1FE and ignition!!! For better result, please disable in the src-spreadsheet program the 1000er separator! At the moment ignition has problems with values like this: 1.000,00¤ V0.31 - error corrections 22-Jun-2018 - now cell sizes in inch are correctly regocnized - function with a two chraracter name now correctly implemented - the math-comparsion < > are now known - in some cases, strings are misinterpreted, this is corected V0.30 - second function updates and errorcorrections 19-Mär-2018 - vertical and horizontal cell alignment - all cell-frame feature which are support by ignition V0.20 - first function updates and errorcorrections 22-Apr-2017 - correcting many minor bugs - now read/writes fontcolor informations - now read/writes backcolor informations - now read/writes column sizes - now read/writes row sizes V0.11 - first improvements and errorcorrections 12-Jan-2017 - much better position of the data in right destination cells - better converting of cell-ranges like a1:c1 - optimizing code for better and faster results - optimizized handle of special character - special character in tablenames are now converted - remove empty rows at the end of a table - set marks for text-fields - remove some bugs V0.10 - first public release 05-dec-2016
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