short : TurboCalc: powerful spreadsheet (demo) author : Michael Friedrich / Schatztruhe GmbH uploader : Michael Friedrich type : biz/spread version : 3.5 (13-Oct-95) architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 382.91K Date : 18-Oct-95 Download : 💾
The lha archive which accompanies this text file contains the TurboCalc Demo Version 3.5 (Final Release, 13-Oct-95) and its subdirectories. Please, read the and license file first. This is the final release, major changes since the first beta release (03-Aug-95): * Now fully localized, including , * Window Refresh has been sped up: see * Input order of dates now changed to "Month-Day-Year", if this order is selected in Changes since the second beta release: * (optional) datatyes.library support * scalable toolbar * German files added This textfile gives you first information about TC`s new capabilities. ========================================================================= Product Information for TurboCalc 3.5 ===================================== © 1993-95 by Michael Friedrich TurboCalc 3.5 is the powerful successor to the program TurboCalc 2.0, which defined a new standard for spread-sheet analysis on the Amiga. TurboCalc 3.5 uses an enhanced, easy-to-use user interface, utilising numerous innovations such as Drag & Drop for copying/moving or filling with the mouse, even easier selection of functions, freezing of sheet titles or the displayable status row. A multiple Undo/Redo of a variable depth reverses the effect of erroneous data or commands and can save much work, as can the Autosave and Backup options. Thanks to the new object concept which allows insertion and printing of charts, texts, drawings, IFF-images ... directly in the sheet, sheets can now be more effectively created and designed. Charts (e.g. the new 3D bar and pie charts) can be directly placed beside the appropriate number sequence. Longer texts can be compactly accomodated in a cell comprising several lines. The formfeed visible in the sheet as well as the print preview funct on assist in achieving optimal layout on screen, saving both paper and time. All this can be committed to paper with using improved print routines, or be integrated in your text processing software as IFF graphics or text (via file or clipboard). A database mask is now available to allow easier management of your TurboCalc databases. The most significant enhancements: - Objects (chart, text, drawing, picture...) can be directly inserted into the sheet and have a macro attached, and also be printed in the graphic mode. - Cells may contain several lines. - Drag-and-Drop for moving/copying/changing the size of blocks by the mouse. - Multiple Undo/Redo - Chart module vastly expanded (new chart types, 3D, Auto- Refresh, ...). - Preview for the printing of graphics (from OS2.0 on). - Formfeed visible in the sheet. - Data-Mask for an easier input/display of data records. - Status row displayable with short online-help. - (Maximal) number of columns increased: now up to 18278 columns can be used (A..ZZZ) [together with up to 9 999 999 rows] - Clipboard support for easy data exchange with text processing programs. - Sheets can be saved as IFF-images (e.g. for an easy export to text processing programs). - Autosave (every x minutes, alternatively the last version will be kept). - New Import & Export-Formats: Excel 4 (XLS) and Lotus 123 (.WK1/.WKS) both can import formulas, the xls-filter even keeps most of the cell formatting. - Fast and easy access to the last used projects via "SmartOpen" - Encrypting sheets using a very sophisticated cryptograhic algorithm - Complete support of OS2.x/3.x (Locale support, memory- pools, AmigaGuide). - (optional) datatyes.library support - reqtools-Filerequester is supported - Amiga-Guide help file can directly be accessed from TurboCalc. (more than 700KByte) - scalable toolbar - Requester for inserting functions/macros now with categories to allow an easier and faster access - Many new functions/macros. - TurboCalc-Libraries for an easy expansion of TurboCalc with external functions, macros, objects, etc. (Documentation to program own libraries included) - Numerous general improvements (e.g. saving the cursor position, special colors for every sheet, "hidden" password inquiry ...) Required Hardware: Commodore Amiga, Kickstart 1.2/1.3, 2.0, 2.1, 3.0, 3.1; at least 1 MB RAM. Output on all common printers supported.
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