short : A REAL index for FinalCalc on-line guide author : (Ron Goertz) uploader : rgoertz wsu edu (Ron Goertz) type : biz/spread architecture : generic Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 4.22K Date : 29-Apr-96 Download : 💾
FinalCalc Index Trying to find information on a specific topic in FinalCalc's on-line guide has always been frustrating because their "index" was simply the table of contents. I used Camiel Rouweler's AGIndex v1.04 to generate an initial index of FinalCalc's nine main sections, then went through the index to create lots of cross references. To use this index, you need to modify a line in each of the following documents (located in FinalCalc:Guide) You need to find the line that says @index Main and change it to @index "FinalCalc:guide/" Finally, copy the from this archive to the FinalCalc:Guide directory. Have fun! Ron Goertz
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