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FCTax_Canada - FinalCalc WorkSheet for Canadian Income Tax Returns for the 1998 Tax Year Copyright 1999 by Brian Savage FCTax_Canada is a FinalCalc worksheet of the Canadian Tax return for the 1998 tax year for the province of Nova Scotia. You should be able to modify it for other provinces. FCTax_Canada is useful if your tax return is relatively simple. FCTax_Canada contains the following forms: Income Tax and Benefit Return (T1 Special) Federal Tax Calculation (Schedule 1) Nova Scotia Tax (T1C) All of these forms are contained on individual sheets. Switch between sheets using ALT-S (or choose a sheet from the menu). Data from your T4, T5 etc information slips should be entered on the form contained on the 'Tax Worksheet' sheet. This data is then totaled and automatically entered into the correct boxes on the appropriate federal and/or provincal form. This year I have also added the capability of referring to your spouses netincome (or worksheet) as well. To enable this feature fill in the blanks on the 'Tax WorkSheet' sheet. I have also split the tax form into separate sheets this year. Each of the Federal and Provincal forms now have there own individual sheets. This makes it easier to navigate and may make it easier to change for other provinces. FCTax_Canada is (C) 1999 by Brian Savage and it is freely distributable as long as all of its files are included in their original form without additions, deletions, or modifications of any kind, and only a nominal fee is charged for its distribution. FCTax_Canada is EmailWare and as such is completely FREE! All I ask is that if you like FCTax_Canada and find it useful, please send me an email to tell me so. This software is provided "AS IS" without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied. I cannot guarantee that this program is 'bug free' so please check your work and don't blame me if you make a mistake on your tax return. I've checked it against my own tax return and it works fine. Please check my homepage for the latest version of FCTax_Canada as well as for free downloads of many other programs that I have written. enjoy Brian Savage 9 Wilton Crescent Dartmouth, Nova Scotia Canada B2V 2S9 email:
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